12 days of Christmas heavy metal edition

Date: 12-23-19

QIC: Special Kay

Pax: GOAT, Seahorse, Walburger, GenX, Minecraft, Milagro, Mr t, Big sky, Lumber, welcome Fng Yankovich!


Imperial walker, morracan knight clubs, mosey to pavilion w a kettle bell

The Thang:

Ladder work: 12 Days of Christmas

1. 25 chest press

2. 25 Tri extension

3. 25 bent over rows

4. 25 swings

5. 25 curls

6. 25 squats

7. 25 lunges

8. 25 calf raises

9. 25 LBCs

10. 25 American hammers- 2c

11. 25 leg lifts

12. 25 squat press

In ladder work style, 12 SSH between ladder sets

Return to AO


Milagros mom just completed round 2 of chemo, mr t bro in law is doing well but keep in prayers, walburger niece and nephew found the lord and are now having questions, like we all did or do, help yankovich future bride feel better and make it to Wilmington! Merry Christmas to all the Pax and safe travels!


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