Winter Solstice VQ


AO: Wrightsville Beach – Baywatch

(V)Q: Green Thumb

27 Pax: Hoveround, My Precious, Steaknives, Heisenberg, Closer, Chutes & Ladders, P-dock, Mr. T, Hushpuppy, LETC, Sprinkles, Bonespur, Jewel, Big Sky, Dino, Niles, Tom Sawyer, Vroom, Waterboy, Beauty, Sunrise, Tank, Busted Grills, Sparky, Flight Nurse, and two FNGs Tin Cup and Rainman!


Side Straddle Hops ——– Arm Rotations
“Good Mornings”——– “Row Your Boats”

Indian Run to beach

The Thang:
“Evolution Circuit” (Increasing repetitions by 1 up to 7) Crab Walks (w/Crab Humpers), Bear Crawl (w/ Dancing Bears), “Monkey Shuffles” (w/Squats).

Mosey back to AO

Partner Routine: 1 Partner runs to the end of the basketball court and does 10 Merkins while the other (alternating) completes 100 Squats and 150 LBCs total.

“Mathometrics”: Plank Hold and Global Warming while solving a mental math problem.


Thoughts and Prayers remain with Niles and his family for the loss of his brother, and the Patrick Family for their struggles.

Guilt Trip/Call to Action from Phil (Burger Feet) in Raleigh via My Precious: Burgaw Whitestocking Rd volunteers are needed!


-SOL hamstring injury during EC morning run before Q

-Mr. T clutch with the BT speaks. Hoveround’s attempted theft was foiled.

-Steaknives refuses to stop posting.

-FNG Rainman can math.

-YHC needs to learn WordPress better.

Green Thumb, Out!


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