Dear Abby

Date: 12/19/2019
AO: Screaming Eagle – Affordable Thursday version
Q: The Hoff
Pax: EPO, RX, Tombstone, Hoosier Daddy, Franks, Stouffers, Rhombus, Teacher’s Pet, Hooch, Penny Lane, Blart, Lightning, Dogwood, Solo, Flamer, OSHA

WARM-O-RAMA: 25 burpees

THE THANG: Yeah, we’re running. Two equal lines, ladies and gentlemen, with Tombstone and Rhombus as line leaders. Stay behind the Q. OK, step off. Start at conversation pace and gradually increase, interspersing with sprint intervals along the way. Detours include additional sprint intervals into the park and back. Destination is the small housing development at the end of the road. Let’s make it there and back for a total, sprints included, of about 3 miles.


Prayers for EPO’s mother
Prayers for the Pax and families (I recall a specific surgery for a relative)
Prayers for military, EMS, fire, police

YHC read aloud to the Pax a recent Dear Abby column talking about a 33-year-old happily married man with a job and newborn. Only thing missing, he said … authentic male friendship.

Dear Abby responded: “You are describing a common issue for men that unfortunately isn’t acknowledged openly enough, and this is the challenge of building emotionally intimate male friendships.”

If only Dear Abby knew.

Because F3 is such a tight-knit cult … I mean group … you sometimes wonder if it’s just “us” who seek this emotional intimacy. That somehow we’re the lucky few wired for it. But then we look outside our group – like this Dear Abby column demonstrates – and we see that the struggle and what we have as an antidote is not exclusive to a group of dudes wired a certain way (well, maybe a little bit). In truth, all men — athletes and non-, believers and non-, socializ-ers and non- — seek authentic male friendships. My guess is that we’ll continue to see these kinds of columns and stories as our society grows more lonesome, even amid our myriad ways of instant communication.

A 3X5 index card was distributed to each man with the request that they put the name of a man they knew on that card who needs F3. Over the next few weeks and months, try to EH that man.


Franks can navigate.

Where was Chuckles?

Flamer has love.

Tombstone felt the need for speed 🙂

EPO and something about an SI joint … that doesn’t sound legal.

You have twin, Penny Lane.

Thanks for letting me lead, and thanks even more for following!

Hoff, out




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