12 Days of Christmas Battleground Beatdown

Date: 12-18-19

QIC: Special Kay

Pax: Niles, JoCo, Lumber, Millennial, Crepeface, Crocket, GenX

Plus 4 Runners: Hush money, LETC, Sooner, Kix


12 imperial walkers ic

12 arm circles ea way ic

12 ssh ic, 12 silent

Mosey to rock pile to pick up present!

The Thang: Ladder work:

1. 10 merkins

2. 15 Bobby Hurley’s

3. 15 WW2s w present

4. 15 Jump tucks

5. 20 chest press w present

6. 20 squats w present

7. 20 American hammers 2c w present

8. 20 mt. Climbers 2c

9. 25 shoulder press w present

10. 25 lunges 1c w present

11. 25 snow angels

12. 10 burpees

In ladder work style, in between sprint down the center, recover on the sides

Return presents and mosey to AO.


Shout out to GenX for completing 7 in 7!

Praises to God for shining over Niles and his family during their time of loss, by giving numerous signs of his goodness and that Rainmaker is in Heaven by the glorious side of the Lord.


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