Graduation Celebration Beatdown

Date: Friday, 13 December 2019

AO: HMP #og_ao

QIC: WaterBoy

PAX (39): Goat, SOL, JoCo, Daggerboard, Bone Spur, Mr. Kotter, Dununuhdununuh, Smiles, Blue Steel, Big Sky, Puffer, Mayhem, Overbite, Pig Pen, Beauty, DOT, Niles, HushMoney, Mr. T, Gen X, McFly, Tiny Dancer, Green Thumb, Pixel Pusher, Digits, Dolly, FNG Hershey Bar, Fire Marshall Bill, UnderTaker, Sooner, Gump, Sandbar, Hahvahd, Seahorse, BG, PonyExpress, Happy, Doubtfire, WaterBoy (QIC).


30x IC SSH (meanwhile the Q had some technical difficulties), 25x IC Hi-Knees, 30x IC Buttkicks.

The Thang:

Speedbumps: 20x MtnClimbers at 1st bump, sprint to next speedbump for 10x burpees OYO, sprint to intersection for 10x V-ups OYO, catch the six.

DORA: Mosey down to brick walls by the pond for 100x derkins, 200x V-ups, and 300x decline shoulder taps. While partner 1 executed the above exercises, partner 2 ran to PU bars for 5x chin-ups and back down to the pond area. Followed up with a few iterations of ab mary. Mosey back to AO.

Punishment: Jump-squat ladder: 1x jump squat, down and hold for 5 sec, repeat all the way “up the ladder” to 5x, repeat the 5x and back down to 1x jump-squat, then down and hold for 15 sec. Followed by 30x American Hammers, followed by group stretches (Quads and triceps)

COT: Continued prayers for peace with Niles’ family dealing with the passing of his brother, Rainmaker. McFly Ainsley’s Angels fundraiser, 84th annual Christmas party, prayers for @KnucklePuck as he will have to go swimming at Baywatch tomorrow in observance of the 129 PAX posting today!

Thank you to all the HIMs who came out to celebrate with YHC for graduating… here’s to a new season at the University!


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