Nothing’s Shocking – Heavy Metal Monday

“I want to be more like the Ocean, no talk at all, All Action…”, Jane’s Addiction

AO: Heavy Metal Monday – Hugh MacRae Park

Date: 12/9/2019


15 PAX: Big Sky, Floppy Disk, Tom Sawyer, Special K, FNG Reef Donkey, FNG Millennial, Lumber, Doubtfire, Mayham, Green Thumb, Blue Steel, Under Taker, Mr. T, Milagro, SOL

Warm Up (IC): SSH x 30, Merkins x 30, Imperial Walkers x 20,  and Pickle Pickers x 20

The Thang: Dora – Shelter 1 – 100 Sit Up / Press, 200 Skull Crushers, 300 Curls (½ regular, ½ reverse) – Partner runs to shelter 2 with coupon for 10 step ups

Tabata – 20 seconds on 10 off – 2 sets of each per round, 3 rounds total – Bench press, upright rows, swings, wood choppers (12 mins)

Mary: 20 LBCs, 20 pickle pumpers, 20 heels to heaven, 20 hello dollies (with a lil help from @doubtfire, @Big Sky, and @tomsawyer)

COT: TS took us out with praises and prayers


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