Happy Birthday HalfBack!

Date: 12/9/2019
AO: Monster Factory
QIC: BabyBack w/ HalfBack
# of PAX: 15
PAX: EOM, Sparky, Gen-X, BamBam, Hoots, Geiger, Pledge, Thumbs, 10-Count, Wapner, Closer, Hushpuppy, OTC

Warm A Rama:

Seal Claps X 20 IC
Windmill X 10 IC
Burpees X 10 OYO
Indian Run to skate park parking lot

The Thang:

Count off into three teams for a minute to win it challenge of 10 exercises. 1 minute for each exercise and then tally results of the team at the end of each one.

Mountain Climbers
Side Straddle Squats (Squat and touch the ground, then jump up into SSH)
American Hammers
Jump Lunges
Mike Tyson Merkins
Freddie Mercuries
Bonus Round of 2 minutes of Burpees!

Back to flag for PAX delight of 10 reps each.


Christmas Party Saturday
T-claps to all the guys who helped Toby’s family and to EOM for leading the charge! Strong work gentlemen!

My 2.0, HalfBack turned 10 today. I love being his dad. It was an honor to have him join me and help lead the warm-up. So proud of him and he young man he is growing to be!

It was a pleasure and an honor!

BabyBack OUT!


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