Mosey with Mozart


QIC: Niles

Pax: Slim Shady from carpex , NoIDeer from ENC , Roadie, Fixer upper , Gen X , blue steel, overbite , SOL , water boy , Harvard, Green thumb , big sky , goat , fire Marshall Bill , last Pig Pen , mcFly , Olaf and Doubtfire

Soundtrack : Mozart’s greatest hits

Why ? Because one of the worlds greatest composers died 228 years ago yesterday. And also because I’ll bet no one has ever tried using Mozart for an F3 workout soundtrack. And his music rocks if you didn’t know already.

Warmorama :

25 seal clamps, 30 Merkins 25 squats

Mosey to the pull-up bar is the long way stopping at each speedbump for cardiyo- A combo of high intensity bodyweight exercise and yoga moves.

At the pull up bars , rotate through pull ups markings and running over the bridge to do step ups.

Burpee broad jump to the second light pole. Assemble at the yield sign to chase the respects to the speed limit sign. Three sets of sprints. Finish with Maryoga.

Life lessons from Mozart :

COT/ Moleskin:

Doubtfire – Your joke delivery needs a little work but strong effort.

Roadie – sorry for the hamstring pull brother. Hope it doesn’t keep you away too long .

Slim Shady – what a great F3 name. We seriously need more rapper names for the old white guys.

NoIDeer – The Handel is strong with this 1 as well.

Pig pen – Nice job catching the respects on the sprint!

SOL and Waterboy- strong work on the extra credit. I hope you got your money’s worth.

Goat ! – War daddy ! Respect !

Harvard – come Bach soon!

Blue Steel – I did not know you lived next to Chill pill . Get him to join us in the gloom !

Overbite – Still pretty fast – for an ex-quarterback . Must’ve come in handy evading defensive lineman I’m sure.

Fire Marshall Bill – where you been Haydn ?

Last but not least – sorry I couldn’t join you in Parrot Head‘s absence for the go ruck . I’m sure I would’ve been much more pleasant company though .

Prayers for Go Ruckers

Prayers for McFly’s work with Ainsley’s angels. Prayers for Rainmaker and his family – he is now in palliative care at home .

Thankful for the company and the brotherhood. SYITG! Niles out.


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