Pre Thanksgiving Feast for F3 Cape Fear Beasts

Date: 11/28/19


# of Pax: 43


QIC: Venus


Pax: Check the video, its more fun!


On a gorgeous Thanksgiving morning, 43 PAX converged in front of Hotel Ballast. We spoke to the people to the right and left of us to tell them what we are thankful for.


Warm O Rama –


20 Windmill IC

15 Merkins IC


Form 2 lines, lets mosey.


Stop at the first parking deck. Partner up. Partners race up the incline, walkng lunge the flat part. Before each incline, 10 hand clap merkins with your partner.


Once all PAX were at the TOP, Niles saw a great photo OP! SO what do a bunch of goodlooking men do? Take the picture duh, even with the sorority squat.


Form 3 lines, lets head to BURBACK MOUNTAIN!


Once there, partner up. DORA! 100 Burpees, 200 Bobby Hurleys, 300 Freddy Mercuries (Single Count)


Some were done, some were not. But it was time to head back.


We took the scenic route back along the riverwalk.


With help from all PAX, we made it back to the flag at 0800.


COT – Thank you to all PAX for your support of me and my family over the last 3 months.


Prayers for Rainmaker as he is continues his healing through this terrible illness.


Prayers for those who aren’t as fortunate as us this Thanksgiving holiday.


Prayers to those who protect us both foreign and domestic.


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