Turkeys Trotting

AO:  Run Forrest Ruck (UNCW)

DATE:  November 26, 2019

#PAX:  11

PAX:  Fatback, Dagger Board, Tiny Dancer, Hovaround, Gump, SOL, Gen-X, Heisenberg, Sweater Vest, Crockett, Morpheus

QIC:  Morpheus

WARM-A-RAMA:  2 minutes of stretching then indian run to the track for …

THE THANG:  Nice music provided by Without Limits!  Track was crowded, so we separated ourselves from the pack with a 1 mile run, each quarter mile being a faster interval.  Great pacing and push by Fatback!  Some squats and 10-count, then same exercise but 2 miles.  Circle up for Mary of flutter kicks and American hammers.  Indian run on Cross-City Trail back to AO.  Mary of Mountain Climbers x 30, then Heels to Heaven x 30.

COT:  Convergence 0700 downtown Thursday.  11 am Friday Fun Run or 5K at Waterline Brewery.  Thoughtful prayer by Sweater Vest for those without food and family this Thanksgiving week.  Take it upon ourselves to reach out to those in need.

It is an honor and a privilege.



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