AO: Hmm

Date: 11-25

QIC: Special K

Pax: 17

big sky, puffer, green thumb, milagro, seahorse, sol, tiny dancer, digets, minecraft, gen x, blue steel, dogwood, lumber, doubtfire, goat, face off

Warmorrama: AMRAP 1:00


Mountain climbers

Bobby Hurley’s-2 hands

The Thang:

Station work: BIGGER (kettlebells), FASTER, STRONGER (Core)

1. Chest press legs up

2. Bounding

3. Lbcs

4. Shoulder press- seated

5. Sprints

6. Flutter kicks

7. Bent over row

8. Jump rope

9. Ww2 sir ups

10. Squats

11. High knees/ but kickersH

12. Hello Dolly’s

13. Lap w 2 speed ups- time keeper


Prayers To those traveling this week safe travels

Pearl Harbor day ruck upcoming

See Seahorse for details

Prayers to Digets on his new investment!

Thank you to all the Pax that attended! Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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