The Man-gie Workout

AO:  Stingray (Ogden Park)

DATE:  November 22, 2019

QIC:  Morpheus

# PAX:  16

PAX:  Chattahoochee, Hush Puppy, Pole Dancer, Hagar, Messi, Pledge, Waterboy, Sparky, Cabana Boy, Butterfly, Thumbs, Baby Back, 10 Count, Magnito, Offering Plate, Morpheus

WARM-A-RAMA;  10 burpees oyo (get started on cold morning); Daisy Pickers x 20; Imperial Walker x 20; mosey to pull-up bars for…

THE THANG:  The Man-gie workout!  Each PAX does 100 pull-ups (or inverted rows), 100 merkins, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and runs 4 laps of pond.  PAX pair up and attack the exercises and laps in any order.

Head to picnic shelter at 6:05 for various Mary, balls-to-wall and inclined and declined merkins.  10 Count snuck in bat wings and seal claps to cries of “Its 6:15”.  Being saved by the bell, the PAX did a jail break to AO.

COT/MOLESKINZ:  One PAX was late to COT after merlot splash.  Prayers for Pledge’s friend Daniel in ICU who was hit by drunk driver and for Daniel’s family.  Prayers and praises for Toby and F3 Nation’s response.  Convergence for Toby at WB Park this Saturday.

It is an honor and a privilege.



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