November 20 2019, this is how it started for 15 pax

AO: Battleground

Date: 11-20

QIC: Special K

Pax: snickers, pony express, crosswalk, 8penny, kix, the hoff, cookie, happy, sooner, EPO, LETC, cookout, watchdog, chuckles, crockett

Several pax got in some EC! Strong work!

Warmorrama: AMRAP 1:00


Mountain climbers

Bobby Hurley’s-2 hands

The Thang: 300 Spartan Work out,

I have heard that this workout was inspired by the battle of the Hot Gates in 480BC. 300 Spartans battled against over 100,000 of the Persian army holding them off for 2-3 days.

100 yard Dash

10 merkins

30 sets


3000 yards sprinted

300 push ups!




Mary: PAX led until 615


Talk to us we are here for you

Up date your personal info on slack so another pax can reach out to you and for safety purposes

✓ Mental health tool box

For Tobey ruck Saturday at 745 at wrightsville Baptist, abbreviated Baywatch so Pax can join to see them off plus Tobeys M will be there. Try to make it if you can

Thank you to all the Pax that attended!


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