Kramer’s 40th Burpee Infested Kettlebell Beatdown

AO: Heavy Metal Monday at HMP

Date: 11-18-19

QIC: Kramer

The Pax: Mayhem, SOL, Special K, Big Sky, Roadie, Goat , Steak Knives, Gen X, Crockett, News Flash, FNG (FaceOff), Puffer, Harvard, Mr T, Flight Nurse, Tom Sawyer. Wapner. Kramer

Warm Up: Pledge of Allegiance, 40 Side Straddle Hops, 20 Windmills, 20 Imperial Walkers, 40 Air Squats 

The Thang: 12 kettlebell rotating stations with runner around the parking lot as our timer. AMRAP until 610 with 4 intervals of 10 burpees each included in the circuit. Stations included KB Swings, KB Arm Curls, Birddogs, KB Lunge Walk w/ Rotation, KB Chest Press, Turkish Get Ups, KB Thrusters, KB Lawnmower Pulls, KB Upright Rows, KB Overhead Tri Extension, KB Back Lunge w/ Chops, and Curb Derkens. 

Mary- Special K led with 20 Peter Parkers and Tom Sawyer led with 40 LBCs. 

COT- Encouragement from Flight Nurse on this past weekend’s Ruck experience and announcement from Tom Sawyer on Ruck for Toby this Saturday at Wrightsville Beach. Welcome FNG, Face Off, to the PAX and great job sharing his story and encouragement of his story that brought him to F3. 

There was no better way to start off this milestone birthday than by making a deposit of accountability and hard work with these 17 men. There will be a day that I can no longer do this, but my 40th birthday was not that day.


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