Bros and Beers!!


QIC: Sir Mix A Lot / Flamer

PAX: Hooch, Penny Lane, Osha, Red Line, RX, Blart, Punky, Dog Wood, Chuckles, Raw Hide, Hoosier Daddy, Teachers Pet, Cookie, Lightning.


  • 20- SSH-4 Count
  • 5 MERKINS-4 Count
  • 5 PLANKJACKS – 4 Count
  • 5 Mountain Climbers -4 Count
  • This warm-up was really just to make sure everyone knew the exercises we would be doing later on……

The Thang:

Not really sure how this whole thing transpired but I was YHC getting ready to have a co-Q with one of the most beautiful PAX that have been put on the wonderful earth. Flamer himself used to model for Vogue, Teen magazine, Senior Citizens Weekly “Busted Grille loves that one”, and Farmers with Free Time magazine. It was truly an honor to Co- Q with this wonderful HIM in hopes to not let my fellow PAX down.  So let’s get it on!!

Flamer kicked off this amazing beat down by having the PAX run in the drainage ditch to get warmed up. I now know I can roll my ankles multiple times with a 15 minute time-frame……  Not really sure what was going on or where we were going but everyone was in high spirits and everyone was waiting for the next exercise. So in order not to disappoint YHC took over from here…..

Escalator Track from HELL-

So basically every speed bump has an exercise, but you make sure to repeat the exercise you just completed on the previous speed bump. For example the first speed bump you preform exercise one, second speed bump exercise one and 2, Third speed bump exercise 1,2 and 3 and so on until you have completed all 6 speed bump through speed bump alley. .

  • Exercise 1 – 5 burpees –YOU KNOW IT!!!
  • Exercise 2- 10 MERKINS
  • Exercise 3 – 15 PLANKJACKS
  • Exercise 4 – 20 – MTN CLIMBERS
  • Exercise 5 – 25 flutter kicks
  • Exercise 6 – 30 Bobby Hurleys


Once the speed bumps are completed run like hell to the Pull up bars at the Ashley High school track and knock out 10 pullups. Then run like your life depended on it back to the flag……..

But first on the way stop by the last set of pullup bars and knock out 10 toes to bar. After your 10 TTB sprint with everything you have left in the tank to the flags….. Congratulations you are now a man….

In true F3 form we celebrated with beer, The Stingray PAX typically celebrate with BABY formula / or warm whole milk “inside their Safe space”, no disrespect but down here at Screaming Eagle we hydrate with IPA. “You choose which AO you want to post at next”

Made it back to the Flags just in time for COT, and a little bit of MARY.

  • 20-Hello Dollies
  • 15 -Flutterkicks


Moleskin/ COT

Prayers for all men and women in uniform

Praise for lightning and his new position a work! Strong work brother!

As always it a privilege to lead!

Sir Mix and Flamer out!


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