Long way around

PAX: Mr. Kotter, Drumline, Heisenberg, Daggerboard, Money Gun, Morpheus, Hover Round

QIC: Doubtfire

Date: 11/5/19


Mountain climber

Toy soldier

Imperial walker

Butt kicks

High knees

Cherry pickers


Mosey to Front of campus

Modified last man run where first PAX peels away from group and does 5 merkins. Rejoins PaX at back of group. This continues to the parking lot.

15 copperhead squats IC

Mosey to parking deck

2 corners where each PaX climbs stairs. At each landing, starting with 10, add 5 squats. When you get to the top, run to far corner. Continue adding 5 squats on each landing going down. At the bottom, wAit for 6 and do 50 squats together.

Mosey to chancellor’s wall

80/20 drill. At every other light post, alternate between 80% effort and 20% effort

Hard Mosey back to AO


Doubtfire out. As always, it was a privilege and an honor to lead you all this morning.


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