Bridges are Fun

DATE: 11/4/19


EC: BTB, Waterboy, Kix

# of PAX: 12

PAX: see video


  • SSH x 10 IC


  • Indian Run to WB bridge
  • partner up:
    • partner A runs over bridge and back while partner B starts bear crawling over bridge
    • flapjack and pick up where the other left off until you get over the bridge
    • run under the bridge to the other side. same thing with lunge walk
  • DORA 1-2-3:
    • run past bridgetender hut and back
      • Exercises:
        • 100 – Mike Tyson’s
        • 200 – crunchy frog
        • 300 – dips
  • Indian Run back to the AO
    • stop periodically for BURPEES!
  • back at flag for circle burp so we can finish our 50 burpees for the day!


  • prayers and strength for Waterboy as he has a phone call with his dad for the first time in 15 years tonight!
  • continue to donate to the #forToby fund!

It was a privelege and an honor.

BTB, over and  out!


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