Reformation Day at Battleship

31 Oct 2019

AO: Battleship

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 6

PAX: BTB, Zuckerberg, Ratatouille, Fat Back, Snickers



Cotton Pickers x10IC

The Thang

Indian run down Water to Nun

Dora 1-2-3

Merkins x100

Squats x200

LBC x300

Partner to the top & back

Most along Riverwalk toward flag. Making 6 stops along the way

At stops, high plank while 1 PAX shared about someone/something in history has made an impact on them.

Merkins x5 at each stop

End at CFCC parking structure

Up the stairs & back down.

Mosey to the flag.

Flutter Kicks x25IC

100’s x25IC


Prayers for Rainmaker & his healing.

GrowRuck 017 : 11/15

Operation Lost in the Woods : 11/14

#forToby Ruck : 11/23 – donate $

Let us not forget those that have gone before us. We stand on the shoulders of our predecessors, it is our responsibility to remember and seek to not repeat history’s mistakes.

Martin Luther was the catalyst for much of what we know and experience in our faith lives. Most importantly, Luther would have us remember and live our Faith ALONE. It is by faith alone, in Christ alone that we are saved & able to doing anything. We are broken men in need of a saviour…

Stay Sharp…



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