Why we need a Shieldlock

Date: 10/30/19

AO: Monster Factory/Stingray

QIC: Sparky (R)

PAX: 10 Count, Bam Bam, Bogey, Butterfly, Dino, EOM, Fade to Black, Geiger, Gen X, Magnito (R), OTC, Pledge, Shakedown, Snailmail, Sparky (R), Tardy, Undertaker, Wapner, Water Boy


“Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership”

Question was ask… “Who knows what a Shieldlock is?”  Dino hand was up first so he got called on, and answered correctly with some discussion and examples to follow.

Seal Claps X 17 IC

Windmill X 10 IC

SSH – 21’s (Look it up)  There were a couple that could not count so everyone did 5 Burpees OYO

Mountain Climbers X 10 IC (SLOW)


Everyone gets a partner and line up single file for “Pony” Run, named after our very one Pony Express.  This was a run series he did on the UNCW track for Cool Running one day. (Line does a mosey, P1 taps P2 and starts run to the front, P2 sprints past P1 to the front of the line, P1 continues run till he is then ahead of P2.  Next time thru the roles reverse.  Thanks Pony Express!)

Continued this on the road and around parking lot till everyone went twice, winding up at the coupon pile.  Get in groups of 3 with 4 coupons per group and head back to the skate park parking lot.

Groups of 3

1st routine, once thru

P1 – Bear crawl 10 yards, Backward run 10 yards, Sprint to the end of parking lot, Run back

P2,P3 – Merkins till P1 gets back then switch until each P1 has gone one time.


2nd routine, twice thru

P1 – Backward run ½ parking lot, turn sprint to the end of parking lot, run back

P2, P3 – Curls with coupons till P1 returned, switch until each PAX went twice


3rd routine, 2 times thru or audible was called

P1 – Carioca ½ of parking lot, switch sides carioca to the end of parking lot, run back

P2, P3 – Plank position, with coupon while holding plank, extend right arm out front/back, extend right arm out to side/back, flipjack until P1 returns then switch


During the 3 routines PAX was ask to write in notebook answer to 2 questions:

  1. Why you started to come to F3?
  2. Why do you keep coming back?

YHC will share the responses when compiled


Head back to the flag


  • Announcement about the collection of funds for the “Toby Memorial Fund” See slack for details
  • Discussion about the COT (Circle of Trust) and the BOM (Ball of man) that is done following all workouts.
  • Prayers for Jimmy Robinson, friend of YHC from church, suffered severe heart attack and on life support at NHRMC

That’s all for now, as always, it’s an honor to lead such a fine group of men and to see how F3 Cape Fear is GROWING.

Sorry about the name-o-roma, I know how everyone likes to see their smiling faces on video.



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