#forToby Memorial Fund

#ForToby Memorial Fund


On October 1, 2019 F3CapeFear’s brother Toby (Josh Padgett) posted this message on the F3CapeFear Slack channel:

“Sooner, I’ve been thinking about something similar (What it truly means to be a man?) for a while now. Maybe this is the right opportunity to throw it out. I’d like gauge some interest in expanding those talks into something more long term.  Would any pax be interested in meeting on a regular basis (monthly, for maybe an hour) to discuss what it means to be a HIM, in today’s world, and in our community.  This is something I’m struggling with.  I have some thoughts about how to structure these conversations, but want them to be open and fluid. If anyone’s interested in getting together on a regular basis, let me know and we can talk about logistics.” – F3Toby (Josh Padgett)

Several pax responded enthusiastically to Toby about participating.  However, less than one week later Toby took his own life.  All of us are shocked.  All of us are heart broken.  F3Toby left behind a beautiful and sweet wife, Kelly, and two lovely daughters.  As men and as brothers, we must do something.  #forToby

The F3CapeFear Foundation is starting a #ForToby Memorial Fund to be contributed directly to Kelly and her girls.  Our goal is $20,000.  A small group of pax (F3 brothers) has offered to match every dollar contributed up to $10,000 between now and November 15, 2019.  Donate now to double the impact of your dollar.  You can contribute via Venmo @F3CapeFear or you can write a check made out to F3CapeFear Foundation. Remember to note “#forToby” in the remarks or memo.

Mail checks to:  Dogwood State Bank

Attn Rachel – F3CapeFear Foundation #ForToby

1131 C Military Cutoff Rd

Wilmington, NC 28405    

Or you can give monies after a workout to any F3CapeFear Foundation Board member.  The F3CapeFear Foundation is a non-profit and your contribution is tax-deductible.  

In addition to this fundraiser, 10-Count has started an event called Toby Talk, happening every Thursday evening, 6:30 pm, at the Sour Barn.  The conversation will focus on Fellowship, Faith, and what it truly means to be a man.  All are welcome.  #forToby

EOM is organizing a once a month work crew to help out on things around the house for Kelly.  Hit EOM up directly or send a message through our website, F3CapeFear.com to learn how to participate.  #forToby

Look for other opportunities that will be coming to support Toby’s family and to bring awareness to our mental health crisis. #speakup #listendeeply

Finally, we are asking all Qs (workout leaders) to be intentional about discussing and encouraging Shieldlock at all CoTs (circle of trust).  Shieldlock- An intentional bond between men built on trust and shared virtues.  A shieldlock group is in close physical proximity to each other on a regular basis, as the group supports, encourages, and pushes each other to be a High Impact Man.  No one should be doing life alone.  #forthemanbesideyou



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