The Workshop – modified :)

Date: 10-21-19


AO- TheWorkshop- HMP

Pax:  BtB, L8penny, Sooner, Orangeblue Steel, Waterboy, The Flying Wasp, Kix, Dixie Chick, TRump, Flounder, Overbite, and Dino

Love gathering in the gloom in October.  Perfect weather for a beatdown. 


30 Seal claps IC – Sooner did the turkey jerk. 

20 imperial walkers

10 cotton pickers 

We waited a bit for Atari and his non-running FNG. YHC had thrown out his weinke to modify. Not sure what we’re gonna do now. Oh well, let’s go sweat. 

We moseyed to the beach.

Tha Thang – 



Sumo squats

Flutters 2 count. 

Ring of Fire- each pax does 10 merkins while others hold plank. 

Howling monkey. Grab ankles, while each pax does 5 monkey humpers. 

Rinse and repeat. 

Mosey to docks. 

5 in and outs, with 5 merkins each round. 

GET in the water Waterboy!

Back to flag.  A couple of rounds of Mary. Times up. 

CoT- Prayers for Toby’s wife, daughters, and all of his friends and family.  Be ready to help in some capacity. EOM is working with his friends on an idea. 

Moleskin- Great modified beatdown for Atari and his fng. Too bad they missed it.  The water still feels awesome. Thank you God for these group of HIM.  I sure did miss them last week.  Waterboy, your name is Waterboy for crying out loud!  It wasn’t that cold. 


It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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