Pearls on a Seahawk String

Date: Oct. 22

Q: Doubtfire

PAX: Morpheus, Sparky, Goat, Gen X, Steak Knives


Windmills 30 IC

5 burpees OYO

High Knees 30 IC

Butt Kickers 30 IC

5 burpees

Cherry Pickers 30 IC

Light Mosey to beginning of cross city trail

OYO set

30 SSH

40 squats

50 Goofballs

Indian Run to Road

Cross Rd

Con’t Indian Run to beginning of front frail

Brief AB set

30 American hammers

40 heels to heaven

50 Low/slow flutter

Carterico Indian to end of trail, 5 merkins at end

30 copperhead squat

Indian run black snake to garage

2 pax 10 count to catch breath

Mosey back to AO behind chancellors walk

As always, thank you gentlemen for the privilege and honor to lead you this morning.


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