How do you like them apples!

National Apples day

Date: 10-21-2019

QIC: Special Kay

Pax: mr t, krammer, seahorse, goat, puffer, bigsky, mayhem, steak knives, undertaker, doubtfire, floppydisc, Warner, sol, fng- Milagro

Warmorrama: count off then mosey w kettle bell to tennis court for some OYO Apple sauce churning!

The Thang: How do you like them apples?!

Ladder work:

1. 25 chest press

2. 25 shoulder press

3. 25 Tri extension

4. 25 curls

5. 25 bent over rows

6. 25 swings

7. 25 squats

8. 25 lunges

9. 25 ww2 sit-ups

10. 25 leg lifts

In ladder work style, run down and back between ladder sets

Return to AO


Hmm site q up for grabs starting dec 2

Mr Ts church needs hands

Prayers to seahorse and family as they put down their dog today

Also go ruck w Seahorse on November 15

Check slack for details on both

Lord w just thank you for healing and know you will continue to heal!

Welcome @milagro

Happy National Apples Day!


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