Baywatch Beatdown at HMP


QIC: Snap-On

PAX: Tennanbaum, Tiny Dancer, Chop Shop, Bonespur, Cramer, Goat, Closer, McFly, The Flying Wasp, Chutes & Ladders, Offering Plate, Coffeebean, Vogue, The Pixel Pusher, Eisenburg, FNG (Fixer Upper)

Warmerama: SSH- 31, IC, Cotton Pickers- 20, IC

Mosey to baseball fields

More Warmerama: Imerpial Walkers- 20, IC, Windmill- 20, IC

The Thang:  At baseball field, all PAX lined up along the right field line. We bear crawled to center field and 10 merkins. We then bear crawled from center field to the left field line for 10 more merkins. From there, we lunged back to center field for 10 burpees and lunged from center field back to the right field line for 10 more burpees

Mosey to Goose Poop Island

All PAX partnered up for some Dora. Partner A ran across the bridge and up the walkway and around the island to the next staircase while partner B did 100 Bobby Hurley’s, 200 squats and 300 Freddie Mercury’s. This was rotated when the PAX running came back to the island.

All PAX lined up against the cement for 20 dips, then 20 derkins then 20 merkins.

Mosey to basketball court

All PAX split into groups of four (one group of five and three groups of four). Corner one did 50 monkey humpers, corner two did 50 LBC’s, corner three did 50 flutter kicks (single count) and corner four did 50 Moroccan nightclubs. Each group bear crawled along the court longways and lunged shortways. This circuit was completed twice.

The PAX split into groups of two (one group of 9 and one group of 8) for some suicide drills. One group timed while the other group ran. Suicide drill was from the baseline to the free throw line then back, to the halfcourt line and back, to the other free throw line and back, then finally to the other baseline and back. We completed this twice (each group ran the drill twice).

Mosey back to the AO

Mary: 20 Hello Dolly’s, 20 pickle pumpers. Bonespur led us in 20 WWII sit ups and Tennanbaum led us in plank holds.

COT/Moleskin:  Prayers for Toby’s family and friends, Operation Lost in the Woods the 14th-17th of November (see Bonespur or Mr. Cotter for details),  Vogue and Busted Grill are heading back to Whitestocking Road in Burgaw November 2nd after Baywatch to assist with more hurricane clean up.


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