Stingray Friday


QIC: KnucklePuck

PAX: SpinDr, PoleSaw, BabyBack, Pledge, FadeToBlack, OfferingPlate, Shakedown, Dino, Geiger, Sparky, Hushpuppy, Magnito, 10-Count, EOM

Warmerama: SSH x 30, Imp Walkers x 15, Cotton Pickers x 15

The Thang:  Escalator starting with 1 merkin and 1 situp at every other speedbump increasing reps.  If speedbump is a double then double the reps (somehow it worked out most of the speedbumps were doubles??) at last speedbump turn around and finish with the 6.  De escalator turn around and do it in reverse 1.8 mile round trip.  Partner Dora at tennis courts 100 squats, 200 merkins, 300 lbcs cumulative while partner does shuttle runs on courts.

COT/Moleskin:  Prayers for Tobys family and friends, Polesaw losing some staff and needs a chemist or two, Prayers for Military and First Responders, all other prayer requests spoken and unspoken.


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