Everyone Get’s a Turn

Date: Oct. 17

Location: Empie Park

QIC: Doubtfire

PAX: Overbite, Floppy Disk, Niles


10 burpees OYO

30 cherry pickers

5 burpees OYO

30 goof balls

5 burpees

30 imperial walkers

Mosey to picnic structure trading off sandbag

Sandbag takes a rest while short circuit of 50 dips IC, 100 squats, 150 LBCs OYO at shelter

Mosey around parking lot trading off sandbag

Line up in grass and pass sandbag down the line to fence of playground in plank formation

Mosey another lap around parking lot, trading off sandbag

Line up again and pass off sandbag in plank formation again, this time back towards picnic structure

Mosey to tennis courts for Aussie mountain climbers😀 30 count each PAX

Hold plank while everyone sprints halfway across tennis courts with sandbag, careful not to run into the net

Sandbag mosey back to AO

10 burpees OYO

30 American Hammers IC

Light stretching to wrap up

It was a true pleasure gentlemen. Thank you for the opportunity to lead.


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