National Fossils Day!

National Fossils Day

Date: 10-16-19

QIC: Special K

Pax: Crosswalk, Cookout, EPO, Hush$, Trump, Rhombus, Crocket, Rx, Motorboater, BST, Crepe face, Dogwood, Watchdog, Kix, Flight nurse, Sooner,

Warmorrama: Mosey to battlefield (while it lasts): on the way do some rail (50 power ups) work then grab a rock for Dora

The Thang:


100 curl press

200 chest press

300 lbcs

Partner circles the mountain then does 5 burpees and runs back

Return coupons and head back to battle ground for 11s at range

Merkins and 2 palm press thrusts better known at Bobby Hurley’s

Lunge walk/bear crawl back to AO!


Arrow head park soft launch Friday

No region like cf F3 from flight nurse! Aye!

Thoughts inspired by Tobey. F3 provides an outlet. Your never alone

Thought and prayers for hush$ and his family

Happy National Fossils day! Or if your a Cat person, you probably already know it’s national cat day as well! Meow


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