A Very Baywatch Backblast

  • October 12
  • PAX: Dino, Chop Shop, JoCo, Ronaldo, McFly, Hush Money, Niles, Sooner, Blue Steel, Pledge, Bonespur, Witch Doctor, Gravity, Seahorse, Pony Express
  • QIC: Tenenbaum
  • The THANG
    • Warm-up
      • 30 SSH
      • 5 Mountain Burpees
      • 15 Potato Pickers
      • 15 Imperial Walkers
      • 10 Mountain Burpees
    • Workout
      • Mosey to access 29, down beach to access 32. Running and bear walks length between accesses.
      • DORA: 100 shoulder taps, 200 American Hammers, 300 squats. Partner runs to shore for 3 surfees.
      • Run two laps with partners going opposite directions. Meet up for 5 handclap merkins.
  • COT/Moleskin
    • Remember Toby’s family in your prayers.
    • Keep an eye out for F2, F3 and Rucking opportunities.


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