The Rainbow Bridge

DATE:  October 10, 2019

AO:  Break Point (Empie Park)

#PAX:  6

QIC:  Morpheus

PAX:  Tiny Dancer, Steak Knives, Doubtfire, Mr. T, Mayhem

WARM-UP:  SSH x20; Imperial Walker x20; Mountain Climber x20; Burpees x5

THE THANG:  Mosey to benches for Step-Ups x20 ea; Inclined Merkins x20; Derkins x 20

Mosey on Cross-City Trail across Wrightsville Avenue to first orange cone on Rosemont Avenue for Burpees x 5; run down Rosemont Avenue to next orange cone for Lunges x10 ea then back to first cone.  Rinse and repeat adding distance and cone/exercise each time out, then return to first cone.  Perform exercises at each cone, run only on way back to first cone.  Cones spaced at intervals all the way to the Rainbow Bridge (behind Flying Machine Brewery/pond on Randall Pkwy) with one exercise per cone of:

Burpees x5

Lunges x10 ea

Imperial Walker x20

Merkins x20

Plank Jax x25

Squats x30

All PAX reach Rainbow Bridge for some Mary in cadence facing the dawn:  American Hammer x20, Flutter Kicks x20; Hello Dolly x20.

Mosey back to AO picking up cones along the way.

3.44 miles covered!

COT/Moleskinz:  It takes strength to ask for help.  Be mindful of how we might listen to others and the quiet internal voices, despite the business and press of the daily grind.

Prayers for those in need of healing and our military and first responders.

It is an honor and a privilege.

Morpheus out.


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