OG Beatdown HMP – #ForToby

Date: 10-9-19


AO- F3OriginalGorrillas – HMP

Pax:  Hahvahd, Tom Sawyer, Newsflash, Fire Marshall Bill, Pixel Pusher, Pig Pen, Steak knives, Mr T, Dixie Chick, Hoveround, Wreck-it Ralph, Blue Steel, Overbite, GOAT, Putty, Mr Kotter, Undertaker, Blade, and Gen X. 

The gloom was a glorious 66 degrees as 20 pax gathered in the pre-dawn hours at HMP.  They were all there to help the man next him get stronger.  Let’s do it.



Then we read Toby (Josh Padgett’s) last comments on Slack from Oct 1.

“Sooner, I’ve been thinking about something similar for a while now. Maybe this is the right opportunity to throw it out. I’d like gauge some interest in expanding those talks into something more long term. 

Would any pax be interested in meeting on a regular basis (monthly, for maybe an hour) to discuss what it means to be a HIM, in today’s world, and in our community.  This is something I’m struggling with.

I have some thoughts about how to structure these conversations, but want them to be open and fluid. If anyone’s interested in getting together on a regular basis, let me know and we can talk about logistics.”

Toby passed this past weekend.  We wish we knew more about his struggles.  Shield Lock is critical.  F3 is here to feel the very real, sad clown syndrome.  Let’s get to work.

20 imperial walkers IC

10 daisy pickers IC 

Tha Thang – Find a partner.

Mosey to pull up bars the long way with partner.

5 burpees at each speed bump and stop sign.

At pull up bars, partner A does 10 pull ups and 20 dips, AMRAP until partner B returns.

Partner B runs to goose poop island, for 10 box jumps, and back.  Flap jack.  3 times.

Mosey to tennis courts.

11s – Deadstop merkins, and mule kicks.

Back to flag.  Time’s up.

CoT- Prayers for Toby’s wife, daughters, and all of his friends and family.  We don’t understand, but we do know we need to be More intentional about getting the 6.  We’ve got your 6 – physically, mentally, emotionally, we’ve got your 6.  But you may have to let us know you are in the 6.  We all need to improve in opening our ears, eyes, and hearts to each other. 

Moleskin-  We had mumblechatter, laughs, etc today.  But yhc is not recording any here today.  I have been grateful for F3 since I first heard of it, and I continuously become more grateful for the bonds we have built, and continue to build.  If you are someone who may be hurting, ask for help.  Helping others is what we do.  

Toby, I loved running with you at Turbo Tuesday.  I had a gut instinct that we needed to get to know you better.  Even talked to Trump about it.  I’m sorry I didn’t. Thought we would have more time. I thank God He brought you amongst us, even though it was a short time.  Your M and 2.0s are awesome, and we’re grateful they shared their home with 18 of us yesterday.  We wanted them to know that you built and left a legacy with F3CapeFear.  One to be proud of.  #ForToby

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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