Doubtfire’s Perimeter College Tour

Location: UNCW

Q: Doubtfire

PAX: Steak Knicves, sweater Vest, meat, money gun, Daggerboard, News Flash,

Sparky, Hocver Round


5 burpees OYO

20 mountain climbers IC

20 goof balls IC

25 imperial walkers IC

Mosey to Chancellor’s walk for an 80/20 run

80% effort followed 20% effort between light posts

Mosey down Reynolds to corner of Randall

30’copper head squats IC

Indian run to corner of Wagoner

30 imperial walkers IC

“Das Loop” to Hurst (modified Indian run where last runner sprints to front, sprints to ack, then sprints to front) fun times😀💪

Corner of Hurst and Wagoner

30 copperhead merkins

Adjusted Carterico Indian run where first person in line peels off to do five merkins and joins the line at the back.

Simple Mosey back to AO

Gentlemen, as always it was a pleasure and an honor lead you all this morning😀


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