Topsail Q School

5 October 2019

AO: Topsail / Bowsprit

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 15

PAX: Sooner, Beaker, Babe, LETC, Misfit, White Buffalo, Dismount, Narcan, Flight Nurse, Last, Dino, Hotlanta, Tom Sawyer, Ace Ventura (FNG – Vince)

YHC was greeted ITG by a cool breeze, Dino & his fancy whip, as well as Flight Nurse & Last completing a little EC Ruckership. Nant’an & Weasel Shaker

Today’s mission: Deliver a beat down, encourage leadership among the Topsail PAX, & deepen the culture of F3 Topsail. Let’s go…

The mission of F3 is plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

“Leave no man behind, but leave no man you find him!”

I am not a professional…



Cotton Pickers x15IC

Toy Soldiers x10IC

The Thang

Carterico Indian Run along the path to the far playground, 1 full cycle of Indians.

Ring of Fire – True American

– All PAX hold high plank / True American x5 each around the circle


-All PAX hold 6″ / each PAX go around circle pushing feet down

Mosey around back of path & back to picnic shelter (EC for a few PAX who continued Carterico Indian Run)

Mary / Q handoff

Derkins x10IC (Misfit)

Step Ups x20 (Beeker)

DORA 1 – 2 – 3

Merkins x100 | Squats x200 | LBCs x300

Partner takes lap on path around baseball field

Mary / Q handoff

American Hammer x25IC (Sooner)

Heels to Heaven x25IC (Dino)

Imperial Walker x20IC (White Buffalo)

Field of Dreams

Count off by 4

1st Base = Shoulder Taps AMRAP (1’s)

2nd Base = Sumo Squats AMRAP (2’s)

3rd Base = Flutter Kicks AMRAP (3’s)

Home = 8ct Bodybuilder x5 (4’s)

Run to next base when next group arrives.

1 round completed

Mosey back to the flag

Mary / Q handoff

4 x 4 x4 (Dismount) *look this one up, it sucks

Pickle Pumpers x? (Tom Sawyer)

Lunges x10IC (Hotlanta)

Burpee x5 OYO c/o Sooner & his late arrival

COT / Moleskins

We do this because of the men beside us…

Topsail shirt order is live. Get with Babe on a group order to avoid shipping costs.

We should have info re: swings soon.

Where are we on the paver thing Misfit? I forgot to ask/mention.

Strong work by everyone!

I appreciate my southern brothers making a trip north to support Topsail. YHC happened into a TRUEbadour role by way of supporting/EHing some Hampstead area PAX, and thankful that I’ve been able to assist. You men are killing it up there and will grow. You have the foundation built.

Thanks to Tom Sawyer, LETC, & Sooner for your leadership and input during the workout.

It is always an honor and privilege to lead. Thank you Topsail PAX for entrusting YHC with the helm. It never ceases to amaze me that a group of grown men will willing follow me through a park running and doing all sorts of stupid stuff, if only for the reason that I stepped into the middle of the circle at 0700. Honored is an understatement.

Coffeeteria notes:

It was good to spend a few extra minutes chatting. Sounds like there may be a HC or 2 for GrowRuck. Make it for Saturday workout and Grow School, even if you can’t stay for the Tough.

Deepen the bonds, 2nd F is the glue. Let’s work on lighting the 3rd F dynamite.

Stay Sharp…



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