7 of Diamonds Kettlehell Edition

Date: 10/3/2019

AO: Thursday Thunder at Stringray aka Ogden Park

QIC: Wapner

# of Pax: 6

Pax: 10 Count, Magnito, Gen-X, Toby, Geiger, Wapner

Warm-o-Rama: Windmill x 20 (IC), Goofball x 20 (IC), Tempo Merkins x 20 (IC), Copperhead Squats x 20 (IC)

The Thang: We utilized the parking lot for a 4-corners 7 of Diamonds kettlehell edition beatdown. Our 4 exercises were goblet squats, chest press, big boy situps with KB overhead, and KB swings. The first round started with 7 reps at each corner and then moseyed between corners. The reps in each successive round increased by 7 until we got to 28 reps. At which point, the reps decreased by 7 each round until we were back to where we started. So, the rep count went 7-14-21-28-21-14-7.

We circled up the Kettlebells and did a circuit around the circle alternating between 10 reps of curls and lunges. We finished with 20 American Hammers IC and 50 LBCs OYO.

COT: Toby is interested in starting a discussion group of sorts to talk about what it means to be a HIM and how that practically plays out in our lives. DM him if you’re interested. I’m offering a great investment opportunity in a Kettlebell timeshare (no maintenance fees) for anyone interested. It’s only $20 and you can use the KBs anytime at Stingray you want. You can give me cash in the gloom or send it via Venmo to @CoastalLegal. Prayers for Dimebag and his wife as they brave Parenthood, namely for rest!


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