42nd Bday Sports Beatdown

AO: The Breakpoint

Date: 10-3

QIC: Special K

Pax: 6

Morpheus, the Flying Wasp, the floppy disc, Mayhem, Krammer, YHC


Arm circles IC x 30

Cherry pickers IC X 20


Mosey the outer loop to the sandlot

The Thang:

Ladder work: homerun drill

Home plate: 10 burpees

1st base: 20 merkins

2nd base: 30 squats you for

3rd base: 40 lbcs

Home plate: 10 burpees

Mosey to basketball court

4 corners:

42 Bobby hurleys

42 bb hello Dolly’s- single

42 monkey humpers

42 flutter kicks- double

Bear crawl baselines

Mosey to tennis court:

Partner up for Dora

100 shoulder taps

200 shoulder press

300 American hammers

Partner runs to other end does 10 plank jacks

Stopped w 5 mins to go for some dodgeball.

10 burpees OYO to finish


Young life banquet

Oct 23


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