Triple Tree Treat/Parachute Play


PAX: Geiger, 10 Count, Hush Puppy, Ball Bearing, Pole Saw, Baby Back, Pledge, Toby, Coffee Bean, EOM



Imperial Walker

Speed Skaters

Raise the Roof



Triple Tree Treat – Originator – EOM

Mosey to the basketball court, start at the Tip off Circle.

  1.  Crawl Bear into the gloom, find a tree do 3 donkey kicks, then crawl bear to 10 trees total, rinse and repeat
  2.  Bear Crawl to 10 trees doing 3 High Plank Tree smacks at each tree
  3. Sumo Walk to 10 trees start in high plank then climb hands up tree three climbs and back down, staying in plank position
  4.  Duck walk to 10 trees, doing 3 merkins with one raised up the tree approximately 12 inches.

Mosey to the football field for Parachute Play

5 Pax on each sideline of the field.

  1.  Each Pax sprints across the width of the field with the parachute. While waiting for parachute to make it back to their side of the field, Pax rotate through Pax choice of exercises until all Pax have sprinted with parachute
  2.  Line up at the field Goal. Each pax takes turns sprinting 35 yards out and back w/ the parachute.  Pax at the goal post rotate through the line with Pax choice of upper body exercises.
  3.   No parachutes, but we did shuttle runs 40 yards, 80 yards, then 120 yards.
  4. Mosey/walk back to the flag for ring of fire merkins




Hush Money and 10 Count doing Battleship Half Marathon in November.

BTB said we are going to start implementing an application form for fundraiser types of events


Pole Saw – Had a big meeting with top leadership with his company on Monday – Prayers for a good report (It ended up being a big THANK YOU from one of their new leaders)

EOMs grandmother considering filing restraining order against our entire immediate family.  She keeps pushing everyone who has ever meant anything to her, out of her life.  😦   Prayers for wisdom for our family.

Unspoken prayer requests




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