Who’s that homeless guy getting out of the Uber?

Date: 9-30-19

AO: The Workshop

QIC: Hush Money

# of PAX: 16 (1 PAX for EC only, 13 PAX for workout, 2 PAX swam)

PAX: Sooner, Gravity, Beauty, The Flying Wasp, Overbite, 8-Penny, Wapner, Flounder, LETC, Waterboy, Sherbert, Blue Steel, Dixie Chick, Kix, Tom Sawyer, Hush Money

Warmorama: 25 Seal Claps (IC), 25 Mountain Climbers (IC), 20 Hillbillies (IC)

The Thang: Indian run to WB Park. 2 PAX get on the pull up bars and crank out 10 pull ups. All other PAX hold plank until it is their turn to rotate in for pull ups. Return to plank and hold until all PAX rotate through. 11s on the basketball court–merkins and WW2 sit ups, followed by 20 Monkey Humpers (IC). Indian Run to the public docks. Gravity and Beauty were already doing the back and forth for over 30 minutes when we arrived. Grab a partner. P1 does Flutter kicks while P2 swims to the 2nd dock and back. P1 does 2 burpees, then jumps in. Each partner does this twice. Mosey back to the AO for Mary: 30 American Hammers (IC), Merkins–holding every 5th one in the down position (led by Flounder), 20 Hello Dollies (IC) (led by Kix), and 5 burpees OYO.

COT/BOM: Praise report–while on a trip to ECU with his son, Gravity ran into an F3 (Greenville?) brother. This guy was also the main speaker at an event there, and used the phrase #giveitaway quite a bit during his talk. Prayers for healing and comfort for LETC’s good friend as he deals with severe health challenges.

When YHC’s car wouldn’t start this morning, I called an Uber and was dropped off at the AO. I’m glad I made it to my first Q at The Workshop! Thanks to Gravity for the ride home!



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