3 at the Boondocks

Date: 9-27-19


AO- F3Boondocks

Pax:  BamBam and Overbite.

The numbers were small but the beatdown and fellowship were Huge.  If you fartsacked you missed out.  



20 imperial walkers IC

10 daisy pickers IC 

Tha Thang

Mosey to CYC.

20 dips

10 derkins

Both oyo

Mosey 2 blocks

20 dips

10 derkins

Both oyo

Mosey to Oceanic

Hit the sand. 

Mosey in sand back to blockade runner.

11s oyo

Carolina dry docks

Heels to heaven. 

Mosey to stone street. 

Quick pace Indian run back to St Theresa’s Holy parking lot. 

Mosey back to docks. 

Swim the dock loop oyo til time. 


Box cutters


Flutter kicks. 

CoT- Prayers for Venus’ dad as he continues to recover from surgeries.  Prayers for Uncle Richard and his cancer battle.  A lot of pax are traveling this weekend.  

Moleskin-  BamBam, way to push it today. You have been missed. Overbite, have you signed up for that race yet?  Flounder, need a little IT help?  Working out with friends in the sand and water at sunrise is one of the best things out there. Never take it for granted. 

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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