The All-American Beatdown

27 September 2019

PAX (27): Goat, Mr. Kotter, Hoosier Daddy, Crockett, BG, Cookout, Niles, Trump, Tiny Dancer, Wreck-it Ralph, The Adjuster, Lightnin’, Cookie, Seahorse, Happy, Sooner, McFly, Kix, Maui, SpinDoc, Chuckles, Last, WatchDog, Donut, Dino, EPO (Q no. 1), WaterBoy (Q no. 2)

QIC(s): EPO & WaterBoy

Warmarama (IC): SSH x50, Mtn Climbers x20, 15 Burpees OYO

EPO’s Thang: Brisk mosey in two lines down to pull up bars. Tabata-HIIT Fusion: Merkins, Mtn Climbers, 10 burpees, Flutter Kicks, Squats, American Hammers. Various IC repetitions of these exercises with fast high knees in between to keep HR up for intensity

WaterBoy’s thang: DORA: 100x single-leg derkins, 200x bobby hurleys, 300x hello dollys. White first partner does these exercises, other partner does 20x Hanging leg crunches (alternating L/R legs to failure, before switching to both legs as necessary). Mosey back to AO. Jump-squat pyramid: 60 sec AMRAP jumpsquats, followed by 1 jump squat, down and hold for 5 seconds, repeat “up the ladder” until 5 reps are performed, then back down the ladder repeating the 5 reps at the top. Once back “at the bottom of the ladder” 1 rep, followed by hold squat for 30 sec.

COT: Friend of Last died from cancer – prayers for that family for comfort. Prayers for the armed forces and first responders.

Everyone got their money’s worth this morning, thanks to a CO-Q with EPO. Strong work, everyone! WaterBoy, out!


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