AO: Battleground

QIC: Sooner

# of PAX: 8







Pony Express

Hush Money

The Thang:

30 SSH

30 HillBillies

30 Copperhead Squats

Mosey to a short wall

50 Box jumps

Wall sit while each PAX gives a 10 count

10 One foot lunge squats each leg

Partner up and broad jump down and back four times

25 Over the fence side hops

20 Bunny hops in a square

10 one legged bunny hops in a square each leg

Mosey to the front of the building

Ring of Abs!!!!

One PAX runs around the circle while all other PAX are doing an ab exercise.

Once PAX finishes circle the next PAX goes and a different PAX call out a new Ab exercise.

Keep going till all PAX have ran and called out an exercise.

25 Squat jumps

25 Split squat lunge jumps

20 Apolo Onos each leg

26 Sidewalk Skater Jumps

10 high knee tuck jumps

10 one step high jumps

Mosey to the starting line

Relay foot race while PAX are doing American hammers and waiting.

Winning team does 10 squat jumps

Losing team does 25 squat jumps

Everyone worked hard and got nice and sweaty. Strong work Hush Money in showing your face with that black eye.


Next week YHC is starting a MAN TALK during Coffeeteria of Battleground

Culdesac BBQ this Saturday

Sooner, out!


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