Turbo Tuesday – Rise-n-Shiner

Date: 9/24/2019
AO: Turbo Tuesday
QIC: The Flying Wasp
# of PAX: 6 + 3 Swimming with the Fishes
PAX: Overbite, Hush Money, Trump, LETC, Gravity, Goldfinger, Blade, BTB
SSH x 50 IC
Grass pickers x 30 IC
The Thang:
Mosey to municipal dock for MUCHO CHESTO (10 merkins, 10 wide merkins, 10 left hand high merkins, 10 right hand high merkins, 10 diamond merkins)
Very swift Indian run to South End of WB.
At South End Surf Shop, run streetlight suicides (up 2 lights, back 1) for 3 blocks. Plank to wait for 6.
Indian run to Yacht Club parking lot for 10 decline merkins
Hush Money pace mosey back to municipal dock
In the water for some up and overs (swim from dock 1 to dock 2, climb out, jump towards dock 3, climb out, swim back to dock 1). X3
Mosey back to AO

COT/Moleskine: Prayers for LETC as he navigates the higher education system in his efforts to #giveitaway. There is a new street sign at the corner of Waynick. Don’t run into it.
Thanks to the PAX for participating in my VQ. It was an honor and a privilege. Always check the Q calendar, you never know when Bob The Builder will sign you up to Q.

The Flying Wasp OUT


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