Bowsprit – Kiwanis Park

“We Generate Fears While We Sit. We Overcome Them By Action.” – Dr. Henry Link

AO: Bowsprit  – Kiwanis Park

Date: 9/21/2019

QIC: Dismount

PAX: Spin Doctor, Blade, Bromator, Narcan, Huggie Bear, Banshee, Beaker, Duke Nuke Em’, Hotlanta, Tailspin, White Buffalo, Misfit

Warm Up: Abe Bagota’s front small circles X10, front big circles X10, back small circles X10, back big circles X10

Wait where’s Huggie Bear? We can’t start without Huggie…

Thang 1-

Mosey to Huggie’s, approx. 1 mile to and from, little bit of lovin’ is all that was needed. Who’s Motivated?! As we mosey to unleash the bear… stop at picnic area OYO stand up sit down (fight, fight, fight) X25, everyone good? Onward… Stop at pull up bars, rotate stations at the pull up bars, station 1 – pullups X10, station 2 – dips X10 station 3 – Squats X10 everyone gets a turn. Return trip, stop at parallel bars 10 dips + 10 pullups

Thang 2: Some sort funky suicides on the football field…Bear crawl to 25yd line – mountain climbers X25, low crawl to 50yd line (boy that grass is wet, feels lovely) LBC’s X25, sprint to 75 yd line – big boy sit ups X25, Jail break back, Lets do it again! Bear crawl to 25yd line – Merkins X25, low crawl to 50 yd line (grass ain’t so wet no more…) side straddle hops X25, low crawl to 75yd line – LBU’s (leg butt up’s??) X25, bear crawl to 100yd line – burpee’s X20, wait modify to X20, HA!

Mosey over to parking lot for COT

Announcements: Blade is working on T-shirt delivery for Bowsprit (thank you Blade), Q school Oct 5th don’t be truant! (once again thanks Blade for the lead)

COT: Prayers for Narcan’s increase in personnel for work, prayer’s for Beakers brother


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