Brave PAX4 of LA

Leland AO: 09/20/19

PAX 4: Bosley, Snickers, Spyro Gyra, Gyro Guy. 


X20 Side straddle hop

X20 Imperial walker

X20 Moroccan night club

The Thang:

Run the loop…

Stop 10 merkins at a variety of places 

Balls to the Wall

10 count down the line and back

Partner Workout. Partner runs 200m 

50 step ups

100 merkins

150 big boy sit-ups

200 dips 

250 LBCs

300 heel touches

350 flutter kicks


High plank

Mid plank

Right arm to sky

Left arm to sky

Right leg straight out

Left leg straight out

@Snickers lead us out in prayer 

….. i lied about the running 


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