Kettles and Concrete


AO: Thursday Thunder at Ogden Park


6 PAX: Magneto, Geiger, Hush Puppy, Wapner, 10 Count, OTC

Warmup: Daisy Picker in cadence x25, Imperial Walker in cadence x20, Raise the Roof in cadence x20, Copperhead Squat x15

Thang: PAX were assigned to farmer carry all the kettle bells and two cinder blocks to the tennis court parking lot, set in circle for rotating exercises:

Man makers with cinder block

Squat plus reverse lunge with kettle (30/40lb)

Hold cinder block overhead

Big boy sit up press with kettle (30lb I think)

Curls with kettle (2x20lb//1×30/40lb)

Chest press with kettle (2x20lb/1x40lb)

All PAX at each station for 45 seconds then switch; 3 full circuits

There was plenty of continued chatter about yesterdays Run Day (not a run day!) Q from Happy, including from YHC

Time to carry everything back to the flag

Mary: Freddie Mercury, flutter kicks, something 10 Count suggested, Geiger led Good Morning variation that YHC appreciated, LBC’s oyo

COT: Today was my brother Tucker’s 42nd birthday (Happy Birthday little Bro!) I pray that he is maintaining and that he is loving himself and his family with all his being. 10 Count says the Thursday Thunder flag is coming! Stay tuned.

It was a pleasure Gentlemen! Thanks for assisting me with the lifting Q. I still think I would remember the F3 names of these things better.

OTC is out for now



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