Hello Kitty from Cool Runnings

Date: 9-19-19


AO- F3CoolRunnings

Pax:  Flounder, Overbite, Pixel Pusher, Pony Express, Sooner, and Trump.

7 pax gathered at HMP for most perfect morning of the year.  If you fartsacked you missed out.  



30 imperial walkers IC

Mosey to College Rd entrance.

Tha Thang-

We did an Indian run all the way to Empie Park.  Time to catch up with Breakpoint and find us some VQ meat – Hello Kitty.  His Q juice was flowing as he put us and his 12 pax through some red light, green light burpees at the tennis courts.

Time to check out.  We ran an Indian run back up park road to HMP for a total of 4 miles.

Had just enough time for 6 minutes of Mary.


CoT- Prayers for Pony and all of the pax hitting the Table Rock 50K this weekend.  Prayers for Sooner and his trip to Hotlanta.  Prayers for Venus’ dad as he continues to recover from surgeries.  A lot of pax are traveling this weekend.  Prayers for all. Y’all hit the Big Rock BS every Thursday, 0630 – Crepes, fellowship, and faith.  Who doesn’t want all of that?

Moleskin-  Pixel Pusher, do you live in the park?  You always literally just appear out of the gloom.  We could find you a bedroom somewhere. Pony, good luck this weekend.  I take all of the credit for taking you on your first “long run” of 7 miles.  Flounder, Be Nice to your Girl!  They are all a little crazy.  That’s no excuse.  :). Overbite is becoming regular.  We might need to sign him up for a long run soon.  Tclaps brother.  Trump, Catherine having your mom as a friend is cool but a little weird.  It reminds me of how old I am, and how young you are……bastard.  Sooner, next time give me more than 12 hours notice on my Q.  I could have planned it out really well, like running to encourage a VQ across town or something.

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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