A Need to Climb – Ballast Beatdown

Date: 09/17/2019

AO: Ballast Beatdown 

QIC: Kix 

# of Pax: 5 

PAX: Tom Sawyer (Respect), Grits, Crockett, Steak Knives 

5 Burpees OYO 
SSH x 25
Hillbilly x 25
Big Arm circles x 15 Forward, Flapjack x 15 Back, keep arms up, Baby Arm circles x 15 Forward, Flapjack x 15 back
Pebble pickers x 15 

Mosey to Cape Fear CC Parking Deck on Water street

At first corner – 10 burpees
Back pedal up ramp and mosey on flat to next corner – 15 mountain climbers
Repeat – Back pedal up and mosey to corner – 20 merkins
Repeat – Back pedal up and mosey to 
corner – 25 flutter kicks
Back pedal up ramp to top level 

(Partner up)
Down steps to bottom level of Parking deck  – 10 burpees
Climb steps to top – 20 Mike Tyson’s
Down steps – 30 plank jacks 
Up steps to top – 40 copperhead squats 
Down steps – 50 American hammers and meet at bottom

Mosey to small park area behind parking deck and outside CFCC

25 x Dips
Mosey to steps 
20 x decline merkins
Climb to top of steps
10 x v-ups
Mosey around park, across bridge and down the steps 
At bottom – Frog jump back to wall to start again 
Rinse and Repeat (3 Rounds)

Mosey back to AO 

25 x Freddie Mercury 
25 x LBC’s

F2 Event upcoming on the 28th at Warlick Dr. Check Slack for details.

Battlebot’s Eagle Scout project kicks off this Saturday at Veterans Park. Not sure of start time, but help will be needed.

Prayers for al Pax, any prayer requests across all AOs, Safety for our Military and 1st Responders 

It was an honor and a privilege leading extraordinary men.



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