Voorhees WOD

Date: 9-13
QIC: Special K
Pax: 21
Dino, Spin Dr, Mile High, Flight Nurse, Morpheus, Wreck-It-Ralph, Tom Sawyer, Grits, Overbite, Puffer, Iccabod, Haaavard, Doubtfire, McFly, Hello Kitty, Gen-X, Mayhem, Square Root, PSB, Jiffy Pop
Arm circles IC x 25
Cherrypickers IC X 25
Mosey to ditch to and grab a rock then mosey to the trail head-13 pushups at each speed bump
The Thang:
100 curl press
200 chest press
300 lbcs
200 squats
100 tri ext
Partner runs up and down hill- top of hill 5 burpees
Return coupons
Jail break to nearest pavilion
13 merkins
26 American hammer
39 sumo squats
Air press for 6
R and R at next pavilion until out of time
Jail break to AO
F2 convergence 2
Sep 28 on Warwick 6pm
Dec at wreck it
Go ruck in dec


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