Trip to the Zoo

QIC: Franks

Date: 9/11/2019

PAX: Hooch, Tombstone, Catamount, Hoff, Fluter, Crosswalk’s Friend, Battle Bot, TeaParty, Lightning

Warm-up: Bat Wings, Seal Claps


  • Snake run
  • Frog Plank Jump Indian Run
  • 4 corners – 10 of each
    • Monkey Bar pullups
    • Monkey Humpers
    • Crunchy Frogs
    • Chicken Peckers
    • Mode of transportation between corners – Bear crawl, Crab Walk, duck walk
  • Indian run with a twist
    • 5 copperhead squats
  • Scorpion Dry Dock
  • Cockroach Ressurection
  • Mosey back with some screaming eagle call outs as we run


Prayers for all those affected by 9/11


Franks – out


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