Carry the Light

On 9/11, we are reminded that we live in a fallen world and that there is darkness…but, there is also LIGHT. We can be that light to the world around us.

Date: 9/11/19
#PAX: 14 (Tiny Dancer, Goat, Putty, Mr. T, Ichabod, Floppy Disc, Dana, Gen-X, Big Sky, Pixel Pusher, HovAround, Wreck-it-Ralph, The Adjuster)
NOTE: Average age of the PAX and Q: 47.1 years of age!
Q: Overbite

Warm up:
Morrocan Night Club x15
Windmill x 9
Mountain Climber x 11
Toy Soldier x 9
Daisy Picker x 11
Silent Seal Clap x 9
2 laps around the parking lot at HMP

Partner Up
Partner A carries Partner B to picnic tables
9 step ups left leg first
11 step ups right leg first
Partner B carries Partner A to different shelter about 300 yards away
9 step ups right leg first
11 step ups left leg first

commemorate the # of steps in one of the Twin Towers that fell.

American Hammer x20

At base of “hill”, Partner A does “Fireman roll Burpees” while Partner B runs up hill
backwords, then bear craws down the hill. Parnters switch roles. Rinse and repeat.

On tennis courts, perform deconstructed burpees (below done 3 times)
9 deep squats
11 merkins
9 groiners
11 good Bobby Hurley’s

Partner A carries B half way back to AO, Partner B carries A the second half.

Prayers for a family with 2 girls that got into a car accident last Sunday
(Names: Cora and Ruby)
Prayers for Goat’s friend, Brad, diagnosed with cancer…had spleen removed recently

Thanks for coming out….an honor to lead such a fine bunch of folks!


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