No Ballast Beatdown

DATE: 9/10/19


# of PAX: 7

PAX: see video


  • seal claps x 20 IC
  • windmill x 15 IC
  • Moroccan night club x 50 IC


  • indian run towards Broke back Mountain and stop at the Convention Center on the wall
    • hold balls to wall while each PAX gives a 10 count
  • indian run to PPD steps
    • find some steps for Clock Merkins
      • 3 rounds, 5 reps at each stop
  • indian run to bottom of broke back mountain and partner up
    • The Real Broke Back Mountain:
      • combined 100 burpees
      • partner runs up the hill backwards, down the hill forwards
      • flap jack until completion
    • mary while wait for the SIX
  • no trip to broke back mountain is complete without a sprint up the hill!
  • indian run to the waterway walkway at Marina Grill
    • sprint to first set of benches, 15 squats, sprint back
    • sprint to second set of benches, 20 squats, sprint back to start
    • continue suicides with increase of 5 reps at each bench until complete
    • last set consisted of 35 squats
  • indian run to the parking deck across from the Convention Center
    • run up the steps to each landing (not level) and back down until you’ve been all the way to the top! Level 5!
  • mosey back to the flag


  • I knew when I saw this group of HIM appear in the gloom this morning we were gonna get a killer workout in!
  • Strong work men! Yall are animals! Thanks for the push!

It was an honor!

-BTB over and out!


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