Pre-Dorian Football Practice

QIC: Franks

PAX: Hooiser Daddy, Cookie, Mr. T, Cookout, Tombstone, Hooch, Watchdog, RX, Dolly, Teacher’s pet, Dorian(FNG), Moab, Tiny Tank, Yinz, Chuckles, Mountie, Flamer, Sir Mix A lot.

The Thang

  • Warm-up: Cotton Picker, Low Slow Merkin, Seal Clap, Low Slow Merkin
  • Das Loop/Indian Run – Until Mr. T’s friends showed up (Dorian and Dolly)
  • Merkin Indian run to the practice field…Hooch took off, we found him.
  • Two groups of 2min rounds – Each team had two turns at each station
    • One team on the Football sleds
    • 2nd team on the monster tire flipping
  • The two groups split up again for some more fun
    • Group 1 – 10 pull-ups x2
    • Group 2 – Dealer’s choice with the exercise dice x2
  • Snake Indian Run back to the Flags
  • Couple more dealer’s choice exercises with the dice

Prayers for all those riding out Dorian!

Franks out!


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